10 Ways to Use Instagram for Your Business

10 ways to use instagram for your business

First off, What is Instagram? Instragram is a fast, fun, mobile way to share your life with your friends, family and people around the world through picture and video sharing. You can choose filters for them and share them on a variety of different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and more.

Instagram is an up-and-coming photo-focused social media platform not to be ignored. Now you’re thinking, what can it do for my business?

Here are 10 creative ways your business can useInstagram.

1. Show Your Products
Everyone loves to browse products, so let your followers do some mobile window shopping. Show off the collection of products you offer; share a photo of a new or lesser known product; or zoom in on a product and engage your followers by asking them to guess what it is.

If you have a service-oriented business you can show off some of the equipment and supplies that play a role in the services you provide. For example if you own a nail salon you can take pictures of the nail polishes or pedicure chair.

2. Show How It’s Made
We are a curious bunch! The show How It’s Made is a testament to that. We are curious about where things come from and how they are made.

Let followers in on the origins of their favorite products with snapshots or videos taken at various points in the manufacturing process.

3. Go Behind the Scenes
If you’re getting ready to launch or promote a product or service, there are many opportunities for great Instagram content. Doing a photo shoot, filming a commercial, or getting made-up for an interview are all moments few people get to experience. It is like giving your followers an exclusive backstage pass!

4. Show What Your Products Can Do
Use Instagram to create demand by helping your customers imagine new or novel uses for what your products offer. You could have your customers submit photos demonstrating creative uses of your product and post the best on Instagram.

If your business provides services you could share before and after shots to add demonstrate a “wow” factor. For example, a hair salon can take beofre and after photos of a wedding party that they did hair and makeup for.

5. Give a Sneak Peek
Everyone wants to be the first to know anything and everything. Make your Instragram followers feel special and give them exclusive previews of products and services, or virtual tours of new stores, production facilities or offices. Things that have never been seen before make for good, shareable content.

6. Show Your Office
People who follow their favorite brands on social media sometimes wonder what it would be life to work there. You can show them!

Post photos that provide a view of a-day-in-the-life at your office. You can show work areas, decked out cubicles, meetings, and employees at lunch. Or in my case, a photo of three cats stretched across my desk keeping me from doing my work!

7. Take Us With You
If you are going to a trade show or sponsoring an event take Instagram followers with you.Wherever you are, your followers in that area will know that you are nearby and may develop a better feel for your brand or business by learning about events or causes you attend, support or sponsor.

8. Introduce Your Employees
Introduce your fans to the people who make your company what it is by spotlighting your employees. This will provide your employees with an opportunity to be recognized (who doesn’t love that?) and your followers can see who is behind your business. Share a little about the employee in a caption.

9. Share Celebrity Sightings
We live in a society that is crazy about celebrities; we want to know everything about them! Share pictures of them interacting with your brand, whether they are signing autographs, speaking or using your products or services.

10. Share the Cuteness
The appeal of cute animals on social media are always popular. Whether they are visiting your office, starring in your ads, showing off your products, never miss an opportunity to share it on Instagram.

What creative uses of Instagram have you seen from your favorite brands?