The benefits of internal communication

the benefits of internal communication
Internal communication has normally been regarded as a way to disseminate information through different channels within an organization. However, it has developed greatly and now encompasses much more than merely the transference of information.

When an organization is able to correctly and precisely use internal communication, employees and partners develop a better understanding of their relationship with the organization. Internal communicators have the power to build stronger and more loyal relationships within the organization by facilitating communication in all sections of an organization.

Clarity and understanding in any organization begin with internal communicators. They must be partners with those in leadership and management positions in order to directly and effectively help implement communication strategies and plans. Leaders and managers will continue to be critical in both the continuation of clear communication, and how effectively it is implemented, but the partnership between leaders and internal communicators must be continuously developed.

The benefits of better internal communication begin with the organization’s employees. By communicating with employees, internal communicators are able to improve the employees’ views of the organization and their meaningful position within it.
Answers to questions like:

  • “Do employees feel connected with the company in other ways than simply their pay check?”
  • “Do employees understand the business goals of the organization?”
  • “Does their understanding of the company’s goals carry over into their own lives?”

The answers to these burning questions can help shape the actions that must be taken to create improved relationships with employees.

In order to enhance and develop successful communication, internal communicators must possess an understanding of the organization’s goals, business strategies, customer service, and the communication process. That understanding is then conveyed through every department of an organization, through traditional means like memos, emails or newsletters, but also in today’s “cyberactive” business world, through social media channels, websites, YouTube, and other online channels.

Once employees have a clear understanding of the organization’s goals, products, and services they are better prepared and equipped to represent the company’s name and reputation when directly communicating with customers.