How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

how to drive traffic to your website
The goal for many businesses is driving more websitetraffic. There are many different ways to achieve this goal. Companies can boost their traffic without resorting to spam techniques or annoying their visitors.

Here are three simple ways to begin boosting the traffic to your website.

1. Focus on content. This may seem obvious but many companies miss the mark. A candid blog post or piece of commentary from their CEO can catch a visitor’s attention. Most executives have industry expertise that is worth sharing and consumers want to hear it.

2. Answer questions on social networking sites.Taking a proactive approach to questions about your company or your industry on social media is a great way to boot website traffic and brand awareness.

3. Use press releases judiciously. Distributing your press releases online can result in a traffic boost, but it could also back fire if you publicize too much “not so newsworthy” news. Be sure that your release promotes significant accomplishments.