How to get customers to pay attention to your advertising message

how to get customers to pay attention to your advertising message
With the ever quickening pace of our world and the shortening attention spans of consumers, marketing and advertising messages must be adapted for today’s fast paced market. Audiences do not generally focus their attention on individual ads, because they see numerous ads in one day. With this in mind, word choice within advertisements must quickly and clearly convey the correct message.

Here are 5 ways to increase effective marketing and advertising wording.

1. Clarify your business message. Before you can successfully convey your message, you must understand the key points about your company and product. Are you able to clearly and concisely describe your product and its benefits? Do you know what distinguishes it from the competition? By understanding the answers to these questions, you will be able to use clear language when writing a product description or explanation.

2. Strengthen descriptions to increase impact. Use words to convey action and impact. Avoid overusing adjectives. Instead, concentrate on verbs that are strong and full of energy. Focus on the advantages of your product or service and tailor your wording to the product benefits.

3. Create a mental picture and image of your company. Using the correct words gives you the power to paint vibrant images of your company or product in your customers; minds. These images provide the customer with a sense of who you are as a business and the people who run the business. Creating a positive mental image helps form a connection between your business and the customer. Phrases such as “community oriented” or “family-owned,” give customers a reason to trust your business and improve your connection. After creating the correct mental image for your company, you must support this image with quality service and products.

4. Simple sentences have great impact. Complex sentences and ideas are hard for readers to comprehend. Keep sentences simple and use language that is easily understood. Do not use words that readers will have to look up in a dictionary. Most readers will stop reading if it becomes too difficult. Language that is simple and clear will maintain readers’ attention and help them understand your business and product better.

5. Improve drafts. Once you have written your first draft, review it with great objectivity. If possible have someone else read it for even greater objectivity. Look at the information as if you were a customer who is reading about your business for the first time. Delete every unnecessary word and sentence that might cause confusion or uncertainty.

We all know the expression, “Sometimes less is more.” When it comes to wording your advertising, keep that expression in mind. Choose your wording carefully and be captivating in as few words as possible to make the greatest possible impact.