How Apple Makes Effective Announcements

lessons from apple

Lessons From Apple

Recently, Apple announced upgraded versions of the Apple Watch, iPad, Apple TV and iPhone, and introduced a new Apple Pencil for the iPad.  While Apple has legions of fans who will buy anything and everything the company makes, the manner in which they make new product announcements provides lessons for all of us when are looking to make announcements for our own companies or for our clients.

3 Steps You Should Consider

  1. Write A Script And Rehearse Religiously
    If you want your presentations to make an impact, prepare your remarks, make sure whatever equipment you plan to use is in good working condition and practice, practice, practice.  Apple CEO Tim Cook stays on message and the equipment always works; his presentations are flawless. Why? Because the folks at Apple prepare ahead of time and leave nothing to chance.
  2. Choose Your Setting Wisely
    How are the acoustics?  The décor?  The size?  All those things play a role when you make a presentation.  So, in addition to making sure the equipment works, review your setting.  Apple’s product launches use a stage, a single speaker, someone to run the slides and a dark background with the company logo prominently displayed.  While this may not work for your presentations, it works for Apple and they stick with it.  Make sure that the setting you choose enhances your message and doesn’t detract from it.
  3. If You Can’t Get The Pieces To Work, Find Another Way
    Many companies don’t have the resources that Apple has to make its presentations shine. If your sound system produces static, the projector doesn’t project properly, or the setting is a cramped conference room, consider other ways to get your message across.  A press release, social media posts email blasts are effective ways to get announce your news.  It isn’t necessary to think outside of the box every time.

Apple’s presentations put the “news” in newsworthy.  We can all take a lesson from their winning formula to help discover what works best for the dissemination of our own or our clients’ news.