Increase Your Reach With Diverse Content

increase your reach with diverse content

What Is The Best Way To Reach Your Target Audience?

Reaching your target audience may be a real challenge for your business. Today, your audience is accustomed to businesses creating content in a variety of forms to spread their message. With so much content being created and so many content channels being utilized, in order to position yourself in front of your target audience, you need to broaden your use of content.A post by SocialTimes analyzed an infographic by ContentCrossroadsand found that 53% of companies find new customers through Twitter and 90% of bloggers use Facebook. The infographic also found that 87% of agency marketers believe video to be the most popular type of content.
With so many people online looking to connect with your business through various forms of content, creating diversity in your content strategy can help you effectively reach different people in your audience. One of the best places to begin creating and sharing content is on your company blog.

Corey Wainwright, a writer for HubSpot Blogs detailed some important benefits of a blog for business in a recent post. When discussing the importance of a business blog, Wainwright said, “It helps drive new traffic to your website and works closely with search engines and social media to do that.”

A business blog provides you with a platform to engage your audience on a more creative level. When developing your blog, keep the following forms of content in mind.

Written Content:  Long or short-form
Not everyone in your audience will enjoy reading long-form blog posts, so mixing up your format can help attract different types of reader. Some readers prefer bullet points or numbered points, which allow them to easily pick out important information quickly. Varying your writing format will keep your blog looking fresh and appealing to readers.

Visual Content:
Visuals catch a reader’s eye and attract them to your post. Diversify your content by including images and infographics to break-up blocks of text and present content in an interesting way. Images and infographics also increase your reach through social media. Social media posts that include images are more interesting to readers than posts that only include text.

Videos are also a strong form of visual content. Whether you are sharing an animated video that explains a new product you’re releasing, or an interview with a staff member to share helpful information, videos allow you to connect with your audience on a deeper, more personal level.

Digital Content:
Many companies are focusing on mobile apps and gaming to reach their audiences. Mobile content is the future according to ContentCrossroads, which predicts that 59% of marketers will use branded apps and 61% of consumers will regularly play games on their mobile devices.

Sharing diverse content allows you to reach different people within your target audience. Always start by focusing on the members of your audience and what forms of content they respond well to. Once you begin creating content that your audience can connect with, you will see positive growth in your online traffic and long-term results.