be instantly popular on instagram

Instantly Become Popular With Engaging Photos

Among all of the rising social media platforms, Instagram has become one of the most popular tools for sharing daily pictures of vacations, walking the dog, going out with friends—or in our case, marketing ourselves and our products or services.

Now, more than ever, the public is drawn more to images than to words. A Social Bakers report stated that the most engaging posts on Facebook were, you guessed it, photos! To achieve the most attention from our audience we must take advantage of such a visually-based social media platform as Instagram.

If your business is of a visual nature, Instagram may be a great platform for sharing your products and services.


Keep in mind that people like to see people. Photos taken of scenery or inanimate objects can be interesting but for the most part, we are just more drawn to human beings in a photo. Try to incorporate people in your pictures to attract more viewers from clients.

Fashionable clothing makes photos more eye-catching. It may be difficult to apply this concept to business related photos, but the fashion items that have the most positive impact in photos are women’s fashion items such as skirts and swimsuits.

Use the color red. If you haven’t noticed, many successful company logos are predominantly red such as Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Nestle, YouTube, and Disney. Blues and greens – not so much! Red is by far the more eye-catching color and may be just what you need to have that hook.

Don’t be afraid to utilize critters in photos. Everyone loves to see little piglets and kittens and puppies pop out on the screen. It has also been noted by Aditya Khosla, PhD candidate at MIT, that photos picturing cheetahs, giant pandas, llamas, and lady bugs receive the most attention.

Stay connected with the community. Pay attention to what people like as you make posts. Track what receives the most popularity. Reach out to more people with your newly-learned photo-posting knowledge.

Now go out there and post some interesting, eye-catching, client-appealing photos!

Featured image courtesy of Flickr, José Moutinho