A press release takes time and creativity to write, so why only send it to reporters? There are many other uses for the information you write about an event, business, organization or person. Read on and find out!

  • 1. Post it to Social MediaExtract points from your press release and turn them into posts for use on Twitter, Facebook, or other social media sites to increase awareness or create buzz for the product, service, or event you are promoting. Ask your followers for feedback on what they would like to see your company post on its social media platforms. It’s a good way to make your followers feel they are valued, and it helps you get your message out through additional channels.

2. Post it to Your BlogIf you don’t have a blog, a press release is a great first post! The format of a press release is well suited for a blog- it is generally short, sweet and to the point. If your press release is not conversational enough for a blog, make some minor changes. Just be sure to update the information if details have changed since the original press release was written. You may even be able to turn one press release into several if there are multiple points mentioned in the release. Let your creative juices flow!

3. Add it to your SEO arsenal for your Website. If you decide to make a blog post out of a press release, add some keywords about your company to help enhance your website’s Google ranking, also known as Search Engine Optimization. Doing so will direct more people to your blog, and in turn, to your company’s website. Also, linking to other blogs with similar content will create a relationship between your company and fellow bloggers, who may link back to your website in the future.

4. Use it as a Sales Pitch. A press release is basically a pitch to interest readers in contacting your business. By rewording your press release, you can turn it into a tool for your sales kit. A press release and a sales pitch both aim to bring in new clients by convincing them your products or services solve a problem they are having or will be of use to them in some way. It also tells the reader why they would want to work with your business. Making slight changes to the press release can create a great sales pitch to help bring in new customers or clients.

5. Turn it into a Feature Article. Use the information in your press release to create a feature story and pitch it to editors or publishers of targeted, relevant newspapers, magazines, trade publications and online news sites. This is a great way to position yourself as an expert in your field.

With a little extra effort and creativity, you can leverage one press release to serve multiple purposes. If you are writing for someone else, such as a client, use these pointers as a selling point to demonstrate how much mileage you can get from one press release that you write. Saving your boss or client money while you are helping them achieve their goals, will make them very happy and make you look like a superstar!