how to show your clients you appreciate them

Show Your Clients You Appreciate Them

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, many business owners are thinking of ways to improve client relations through a heartfelt thank you. Today, your clients are able to browse and shop for the perfect products and services, and they can share their opinions instantly over social media. The abundance of choices and options make the need for consistent, year-round communication and acts of appreciation crucial to your success.

Everyone wants to feel valued and never that their patronage and loyalty are taken for granted. An easy way to differentiate yourself from the competition is to regularly show your clients you are grateful.


 6 Ways To Show Your Appreciation

  1. Send Them A Handwritten Note
    The increased use of e-mail has made a simple handwritten thank you note uncommon. However, because it is not used everyday like e-mail, receiving anote has become special and unique. While a handwritten thank you note might appear simple, it is the time you take to write it and the level of personalization you create that will show your clients how much you appreciate them.
  2. Treat Them Like VIPs
    Your clients are the most important people to your business. Show them that you value them by holding a special event, an exclusive sale, or by giving them elite access to new products or services. Creating special experiences for clients will show them how important they are to your business.
  3. Share Valuable Knowledge
    Knowledge is a powerful tool for both online and brick and mortar stores. If you have a store, hold a special event to teach your clients something about your products or business. Offer a free gift to those who attendyour event to reinforce the appreciation you are showing for your client. If your business is online, offer a webinar or provide helpful advice in your e-newsletter.

    When sharing knowledge about your industry and business, be aware and focused on what information your clients will find important. Offer them unique advice and opinions they cannot get from your competitors.

  4. Reward Your Clients
    By giving clients a physical token of your appreciation, you strengthen your words of gratitude through a tangible object. A few examples of rewards are:

    • A coupon is a fun and rewarding way to show appreciation and also stimulate your business.
    • Branded merchandise is a great small gift that will keep reminding your client of your gratitude.
    • Rewards will create an excellent experience for your most loyal clients and help them feel special.
  5. Communicate And Be Responsive
    A short e-mail, a phone call or reaching out on social media can help strength your communication with your clients. Regularly talking to your clients and asking for their feedback shows that their opinions matter to you. Ask for feedback frequently and through different communication channels, like e-mail, your website, and online and in-person surveys.

    Once You Receive Feedback From Your clients, show them you are grateful for their opinions by making changes and responding to them personally. If you utilize social media for your business, remember to be responsive when a client reaches out to you. With a global audience watching, it is important to quickly and clearly communicate.

    Clients are looking for more than a good experience when buying your product or using your service. They want a relationship that is both beneficial to them and reliable. Try the tips above to show your clients that you appreciate their loyalty.