The Coronavirus Changed My Life

Actually, the coronavirus has changed everyone’s life. Since March, we can’t see a movie in a movie theater, we can’t have a meal in a restaurant, we can’t network over a coffee and pastry in a coffee shop.  Almost every state has ordered residents not to leave their home unless it is to go to work or to buy essential items. In addition, schools from kindergartens to universities have closed and education has moved online; weddings have been postponed or have become Zoom or FaceTime events; proms and graduations have been cancelled; and even funerals have become Zoom or FaceTime events.  We have no NBA, NHL or MLB to watch and cheer on our favorite teams. This year’s NFL draft had record-breaking viewership because people are starved for sports! My husband has even turned to watching UFC and MMA because there is no other sports airing. And, he has also re-watched the Eagles winning the Superbowl several times.  That never gets old!

We can all agree that the disruptions brought on by the coronavirus have been more than difficult. After all, no one likes wondering if they can pay their rent or mortgage this month, or if they will catch an illness that could kill them or their loved ones, every time they go to the supermarket. Not to mention that our usual fun hangouts are closed and people are quarantined, living with family members 24/7. If you venture outside your home, everyone is masked and looking like a bank robber.

Yet, there are ways to take advantage of the changes brought about by the coronavirus.  The one thing that hasn’t changed is that people have needs and wants and there are still ways for businesses to meet those needs and wants. In fact, some businesses have gotten very creative in how they are delivering their products or services. Realtors are holding virtual tours of homes and conducting completely digital closings. Restaurants, cafes and retail outlets are offering “contactless” pick up. Yoga and exercise classes are held via Zoom. I am inspired by the creativity I see and the ways that communities are coming together to help those in need.

In keeping with the current challenges many businesses are facing, Facebook has come up with a way for businesses to announce temporary service changes on their Facebook Pages and in searches on Facebook. Learn more here and be sure to share updates about your business.

Just as nature finds a way to adapt – dolphins have been seen swimming in the Bosphorus in Istanbul; Turkey and cougars have been seen on the abandoned streets of Santiago, Chile – so can businesses.  It boils down to understanding what your customers need and finding ways to meet their needs. That was the story of American business before the coronavirus and that will remain the story of American business.  Though not all business models support adaptation to virtual operations and many are forced to remain closed, my hope is that together, we will all survive, support each other and come out the other end of this stronger and more aware of how flexible we can and need to be during tough times.

Please join me in showing gratitude to all those on the front lines of this crisis in any way you can. To the first responders, health care workers, grocery store staff, delivery personnel and the many others who are putting themselves in danger to help the rest of us live our lives as “normally” as possible during extremely abnormal time – THANK YOU! #StaySafe #InThisTogether