things pr is not
would like to share with you some info from one of my PR colleagues at WomeninPR about the things that PR is NOT.

Public Relations cannot be expected to be the cure-all for getting the word out about your business; other factors must be involved. PR can be instrumental in getting your business noticed, but make no mistake, PR is not…

  • A replacement for a marketing and advertising campaign. PR is intended to support those plans, not take their place. Public Relations provides “earned” media coverage – it is never guaranteed. Media relations can take weeks or months to establish. Advertising guarantees you the ad space but does not carry a third party stamp of approval.
  • A way to become a celebrity overnight. Your business should already be established or have already achieved some important benchmarks before hiring a Public Relations professional.
  • Something to take lightly. What’s done is done- a press release can never be recalled. To make sure that a press release is sent correctly, many businesses obsessively revise, review and edit simple press releases or they ignore editing altogether and just want to send it out. There’s a middle ground between these two extremes- let your PR person write the release, have someone else provide insightful feedback and send it.
  • Going to be the cure-all to save your business. Don’t let your business become so strapped for cash that PR becomes the last resort to save it. Invest in PR from the beginning and it will yield better results in the long run.
  • A business that just anyone is capable of doing- PR is a real profession. Treat PR pros the way you would treat any other professional- whether it’s an accountant, attorney or doctor. Ask questions but let the pro do his/her job.

Public Relations should be one key component of your overall Marketing strategy. Be patient…getting your business or organization noticed can take time. PR is all about relationships and cultivating the right ones for your pitch or story. Be sure to set goals and keep your expectations in line.