what makes you so special
My assistant told me that she helped her 7-year-old nephew with a writing assignment over the weekend. The assignment involved him writing sentences about something that he likes or dislikes and he had to state why. For example, her nephew had to write sentences about why he likes summer. He wrote the following:

I like summer because I can play in an outdoor pool.
Summer is a great season because I get to go the beach.
There is no school, that’s why summer is a great season.

Well, what does some 7-year-old’s writing assignment have to do with public relations? More than meets the eye. This shows the importance of being able to show to the media why your business or organization is so special. For example, let’s say you represent a nonprofit organization and you would like some coverage from the media. It is not enough to say:

“Save the bumble bees because they are important.”

It is better to say:

“We at Save The Bumble Bee International work to save bumble bees from extinction. We do so through conservation of bumble bee habitat and education on how bumble bees help in agricultural production. We also give people practical tips on ways they can help bumble bees to grow and thrive.”

The first statement is short and it doesn’t say much. After all, there are loads of organizations doing “important” work. Why is your organization so great? The second statement is three sentences long, yet it shows why the organization is important and worthy of media coverage, and it does so in a way that can be proven. Yes, your business or organization is important and fulfills a need in your community (and the world). Still, if you can’t state why your organization is unique in a way that is based on fact, it will be a challenge to get the attention of the media.

So, if you want to get media coverage, be sure to state why you are so special. Just stating that you are, isn’t enough.

Note: No bumble bees were harmed in the writing of this Examiner entry.