November 18, 2011

Objectives of Public Relations

December 7, 2011

Practical Uses for Press Release

February 3, 2012
tips for optimizing your linkedin profile

Tips for optimizing your LinkedIn profile

February 7, 2012
social media lessons from the ny giants

Social Media Lessons From the NY Giants

February 24, 2012
the academy awards and pr

The Academy Awards and PR

April 2, 2012
the importance of a company page on linkedin

The Importance of a Company Page on LinkedIn

April 5, 2012
things pr is not

Things PR is NOT

April 20, 2012
the difference between publicity and advertising

The Difference Between Publicity and Advertising

May 1, 2012
if you are going to help a reporter remember to be helpful

If you are going to help a reporter, remember to be helpful!

May 18, 2012
these things take time

These Things Take Time

May 31, 2012
what does it take to make your event a success

What Does it Take to Make Your Event a Success?

June 6, 2012
what makes you so special

What makes you so special?

June 14, 2012
jargon isnt conductive to news coverage; you wont get press with big words

Jargon isn’t conducive to news coverage; you won’t get press with big words

June 25, 2012
pitching the media and i dont mean baseball

Pitching the media (and I don’t mean baseball)

July 9, 2012
when it pays to zig instead of zag

When it pays to zig, instead of zag