Internal & External Communications

Communication is Key!

Internal Communication

Within any organization, fluent and consistent delivery of its relevant messaging is not only important, it is essential. Within any functioning organization, vital information has the potential to be lost in the daily shuffle, which makes internal communications through an organization’s numerous channels crucial to its success. Internal communications can consist of employee newsletters, company emails, intranet memos, updates to the company website, policy handbook revisions, F.A.Qs, or even staff and executive bios. Messaging must be clear, concise and appropriate for each of its target groups.

At Debbie Goetz Media Connections, our team will help you conceptualize your messages and recommend the most effective ways for your organization to deliver them. Whether it’s updating employees about the organization’s monthly activities and events; communicating the activities of your sales team to your accounting department; or conveying crucial information to the board of directors or investors, internal communication is the key to bringing your organization closer than ever.

External Communication

External communication is the conveyance of information from within your organization to an external audience or media outlet. Do you ever receive newsletters from a company with which you do business? Have you ever seen an author or speaker’s One Sheet or been given a printed brochure outlining the types of services a company can perform? Have you ever written a “Letter to the Editor?” These are all examples of external communication and help convey an organization’s messaging to outside entities that need be apprised of its activities. These entities may include customers, prospects, referral sources vendors, or members of the media.

The end goal for your external communications plan may be to develop or increase awareness of your products or services; increase brand recognition; attract investors or sponsors, etc. Let Debbie Goetz Media Connections help your organization craft an external communications plan that will contribute to continuing success and profitability.

What are people saying?

  • Randi Marmer
    Debbie is detailed oriented and always gives 100% to her clients. She has a huge network and makes things happen.
    Randi Marmer
    AVP Community Relations, TruMark Financial Credit Union
  • Debbie Goetz has made a demonstrable, positive impact on our Social Media presence as well as overall marketability. Her positive (MUST DO) attitude permeates every interaction with her and her team. We enthusiastically recommend Debbie Goetz Media Connections!
    Frank Ricciardi
    Owner, Carisma Computer Services
  • Jennifer Gardella
    Debbie takes a hard and honest look at your position within your industry and tells you what needs to be done to take it to the press. She looks at where you are, where you want to go, and then maps out simple strategy to get you to where you want to be. When working with Debbie you feel her advice is coming from her heart as well as her expertise and, most importantly, she wants you to succeed.
    Jennifer Gardella
    Owner and Founder,
  • Ellen Lindeman
    Debbie is extremely detail oriented. She always goes above and beyond all expectations. She has been my right hand in starting The Ted Lindeman Outreach Foundation.
    Ellen Lindeman
    Ted Lindeman Outreach Foundation
  • Debbie has direct connections to contacts in the media and can get you on TV, radio or in print in record time. Debbie has successfully assisted Network Now and many of our members. Need a Media Connection? Debbie Goetz is the answer.
    Jamie Broderick
    Network Now
  • Richard L. Newman
    I have known Debbie for several years and she is the ultimate business & personal networking professional. Debbie seems to know everybody in the area and she genuinely wants to help others succeed. Debbie goes out of her way to help connect people or companies to opportunities that they may not be able to achieve easily on their own. When Debbie commits to a cause or a project you know it will be done efficiently and completely. I would highly recommend Debbie to help you or your business get connected to other professionals in the area.
    Richard L. Newman
    Newman Elder Law
  • Nickey Hollenbach
    It is my pleasure to provide a personal recommendation for Debbie Goetz both in her capacity at Yours, Mine and Hours and Debbie Goetz Media Connections. You won't find a more dedicated and tireless media consultant! Deb works for her clients as if she was working for herself and provides expert and professional services to her clients. If you ever need to get the word out to your target audiences, Deb is who to contact!
    Nickey Hollenbach
    Personal Touch Concierge Service, LLC
  • Marlene Stocks
    I am delighted to offer this recommendation for Debbie Goetz, who is the facilitator of Longevity Solutions. I greatly admire Debbie's keen business sense, attention to details, focus and enthusiastic personality. Through her connections and determination, she has opened many doors to the media for our group, which have benefited us tremendously. Debbie also recently helped make an important media connection for me for which I am most grateful. Working with Debbie has been a joy. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking assistance with business services and media promotion.
    Marlene Stocks
    Senior Transition Service
  • Jeffrey Biegel
    Debbie Goetz goes the extra mile in promoting events with devoted passion and ingenuity in the field of media communications. She is always broadening her network, establishing her as a forerunner in today's busy media marketplace.
    Jeffrey Biegel
    Pianist, Composer, and Recording Artist
  • New Hope Divorce Mediation
    Debbie created a press release for me and my company, New Hope Divorce Mediation, LLC. I was so impressed with her writing and organizational skills. The quality of her work was outstanding. She submitted the press release to all the right media connections. The results went viral and the calls came in. She is putting my company on the map. I couldn't have asked for anything more, yet she continues to support my efforts to promote my company. Debbie Goetz is a true professional. I wish I could have checked every box in the attributes section. I can recommend her without hesitation.
    Mindy Elgart
    New Hope Divorce Mediation
  • Michael Kendrick
    Debbie is a truly amazing public relations professional. She combines her creativity, organizational skills, attention to detail and vast connections to deliver both quick and quality results for her clients. If you really want your business or organization to reach new clients and markets quickly, then Debbie is your communications specialist.
    Michael Kendrick
    Kendrick Development Services
  • If you want to have you or your company recognized Debbie is the person to go to. She knows how to attain positive recognition and promote your services better than anyone I have encountered. She genuinely enjoys putting you in the spotlight and then supporting you throughout the process. she is a talented, creative and dynamic professional who will promote you and your business in the most effective manner.
    Barbara Marte
    Seniors Helping Seniors
  • What a pleasure it is to work with Debbie! After I returned from my visit to the White House as part of Michele Obama's 'Chefs Move to Schools' program, I decided to look into some publicity, so I gave Debbie a call. Debbie is the ultimate PR professional with a deep background of experience. She has extensive media contacts in all media and was able to arrange successful media exposure for me in several areas, including TV. She really knows how to deliver coverage for the projects she works on. And best of all, she is committed, loyal, and dependable. Thanks, Debbie!
    Karen McGinn
    Heaven on a Plate: Personal Chef Service