Why Hire a PR Firm?

Unmatched Experience

Hiring a PR firm for your brand is a big decision, but it’s an effective and productive strategy to keep your image at the top! Some companies choose to keep their public relations activities performed in-house, however we believe that there are several reasons to choose an outside firm:

  • Unbiased And Fresh Perspective When done in-house, it’s possible for public relations professionals to get swept up in non-PR related activities. In turn, this might cause them to let things slip through their fingers or have a biased opinion.
  • Connections PR firms already have the necessary connections in place to achieve success that an in-house person or team doesn’t. Relationships to news stations, newspapers, online publications, and other media connections are already formed with PR firms.
  • Cost Savings Hiring an in-house PR consultant is far more costly than contracting an outside firm and odds are the in-house consultant doesn’t have nearly the number of connections a dedicated agency does.
  • Competition Your competitors are undoubtedly already utilizing the talents of a PR firm. Don’t fall behind them!
  • Realistic Expectations When business owners choose in-house options, it can often lead to unrealistic expectations. PR firms will tell you what kind of results to expect and when to expect them.