how bloggers can benefit pr
The digital world is taking over. We are constantly being bombarded by the newest and most effective methods of making ourselves known and PR professionals are developing a very clear understanding of the importance of blogs. Developing relationships isn’t necessarily focused around hand writing letters and offering to pay for a nice dinner these days. However, the online and digital opportunities to build relationships have become a benefit for PR professionals. In 4 Tips for Building Relationships with Bloggers Brian Greene mentions several important points to keep in mind in order to secure coverage from bloggers:

1. Do your research
Become familiar with their content, voice, and approach. Learn their style so you can determine if they would create a positive image for you or your client.

2. Join their community
Acknowledge their work by sharing it and giving them credit. This is as easy as posting it on Facebook, including it in a Tweet, or sharing a status update on LinkedIn. They will appreciate your efforts and give them more incentive to return the favor. This digital world makes it that much easier to work together.

3. Be their friend
Make sure they know you care about what they write about. Ask them questions and remain active in understanding their perspectives. Share common interests you may have and use each other to continue to grow in the field. If you care, the feelings will more than likely be mutual.

4. Find a way to relate your pitch to what they like
If you can discover a way to benefit their cause and interests with your pitch, that is the key. Find a way to make it a two-way relationship.

The PR and marketing worlds depend on forming quality long-term relationships. Bloggers are instrumental to achieving this. Know who they are and immerse yourself in opportunities to form mutually beneficial relationships with them.

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