Press Release Mistakes

Press Releases Are A Valuable Tool

Not many people enjoy flipping through monotonous headings or reading endless banter about what the next BEST thing is. The least we can do is try to perfect the art of the press release. Press release mistakes are made regardless of experience! Whether you are new to public relations or are considered a PR expert, brushing up on your skills is a good way to make yourself more prominent in promoting yourself. Debbie Goetz Media Connections can make your press releases more valuable to any audience you are targeting toward. We hope to spice things up to in order to better your chances of increasing your readership!

5 Tips To Increase Your Readership

  1. strong>Bring back the inverted pyramid
    Long-winded press releases are uninteresting and often unbearable, and the constant scrolling leaves the reader unwilling to search for the true content buried in the middle. A better way to write is to follow the inverted pyramid rule. Placing the most important information at the top and filling in what follows through the rest of the release allows for successful skimming, and will keep your audience more engaged.
  2. Add to a conversation
    According to, your press release should read like a news article, adding to a conversation or even providing a solution. One of the most important aspects of a press release is its actual release! In the world of constant media interaction, the timing of a press release can make or break its success. A good time to send out a press release is when the media is already touching on a similar topic, that way it isn’t just another page about a new product that sweeps the web every day, it’s a conversation piece that will be found by those already taking part in the discussion.
  3. Get permission!
    A quick and easy reminder…obtain permission to write a press release about your relationship with one of your clients or collaborating partners! Any information disseminated regarding the relationship, especially for larger companies, should be reviewed and approved by your client or collaborator.
  4. Check your style notes that a press release should not sound like an ad, rather it should tell a story. Your headline will generate more interest if it is creative and catchy.  Your content will keep readers’ attention if it is straight-forward, but not completely overloaded with facts and stats. A frequent problem with many press releases is the overuse of buzz words that are meant to state how the business’ product or service is “state of the art,” the “best” or “most unique.”  Avoid those overly used terms and be creative, but concise when trying to get your point across!
  5. Remember your audience
    Finally, when you send out a press release, remember who your audience is and craft the release so that it will be of interest to that audience. In addition, when sending out your release, you need to remember what your audience writes about.  Don’t send financial news about a bank to health reporters/editors. Similarly, don’t send tech news to lifestyle reporters/editors who focus on fashion and style – unless there is some connection to fashion and style.

It’s not a complete list of do’s and don’ts but it’s a good start.  Thank you to our friends at for sharing it with us. Here is a link to their complete article: Top 5 Press Release Mistakes.