The Best Time To Post On Social Media

when is the best time to post on social media

Learn To Communicate Effectively With Your Target Audience

Timing is a key factor in successful communication, especially on social media. Knowing when to communicate with your audience can mean the difference between great engagement and no engagement at all. Finding the best time to post on social media sites depends on many factors and will be different for each company. The type of content you’re posting, where you’re sharing it and who you’re targeting, all play a role in the success of your content.

How Often You Should Post To Social Media?

  • Twitter
    Twitter is an increasingly active platform that can put your content in front of thousands of people within seconds. According to, the days that produce the best engagement are Mondays through Fridays for B2B interactions and Wednesdays through Sundays for B2C interactions. Twitter users are active throughout the day, but engagement normally peaks between 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. Users are also likely to interact with your Tweets while commuting and during work or school.A large amount of content is shared on Twitter each day. To increase your engagement and exposure, Tweet multiple times a day and focus on relevant and timely content.
  • Facebook
    Facebook has a steady amount of engagement on Thursdays and reaches its peak engagement on Fridays when people are less interested in work and more interested in socializing, according to Catriona Pollard, author of From the Unknown To Expert.Pollard suggests that the best time to post to Facebook is in the afternoon between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m., but depending on your target audience these times may vary. The frequency of your posts also depends on who you’re targeting. Generally you should try to post to Facebook at least once a day, but if your target audience is very active on Facebook stay connected by commenting on posts and responding to your fans’ comments and questions.
  • LinkedIn
    Because LinkedIn is a platform focused on professionals and companies, the best days and times to post are during business hours during the workweek. Tuesdays through Thursdays in the morning and between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. are the best times to share your content.Post at least once a day for your personal profile, but remember to keep your posts relevant and focused on professional subjects. Post a few times a week when using LinkedIn for your business. Staying consistent in your posting is important, but be careful not to overshare.

If you are focused on a B2B audience, you should definitely focus on LinkedIn and work to build professional connections with other users.

There is no standard set of days and times to post to social media that will work for every business. When and on which platform you will get the best engagement depends on your business and more importantly, your audience. Take some time to look at your social media analytics and review when your audience is the most active, and then develop your most effective posting schedule to drive engagement.

Featured image courtesy of Yoel Ben-Avraham.