Why You Should Use LinkedIn

why you should use linkedin

LinkedIn is known as the “professionals” network. Many people don’t understand how to utilize it or how it could potentially help them in the business world.

In addition to setting up a personal profile on LinkedIn, business owners should set up a business page for their company. Having a business page allows your business to come up in searches on LinkedIn for your products, services or expertise when people don’t know you personally and and are unable to search you by name.

Here are twelve reasons why you should use LinkedIn and what it could do for you.

1. Keeping in touch- You can keep tabs on former colleagues, clients and contacts by reading your home page or a weekly update email.

2. Networking- Networking is a vital skill and asset to use in the business world. You never know when you will need someone’s expertise, a recommendation, OR when someone may need you. You can use LinkedIn to find suppliers and advisers who may do business with you in return.

3. Obtaining referrals- Not only is it easy to pass referrals within your network, there are opportunities to receive them as well.

4. Contact Information- If you ever need contact information for clients, colleagues or people with whom you have networked, you can check their LinkedIn profile to obtain their contact information. You can also contact them through LinkedIn by sending them a message.

5. Obtaining relevant news on your industry- Use LinkedIn today -which is like a personalized newspaper.

6. Obtaining leads- By following a simple plan on a regular basis you can obtain leads and make sales.

7. Getting Hired- By having a strong presence you can increase your chances of being hired as a freelancer or being offered a new job through your connections. Hiring professionals are extremely active on LinkedIn searching for job candidates.

8. Demonstrating your expertise- Raise awareness of your skills and expertise by optimizing your profile, providing tips in status updates and getting involved in group discussions in your field of expertise.

9. Researching speakers and exhibitors- Find out about speakers and exhibitors for conferences you plan to attend so you can learn more about them and make informed decisions about where to spend your time while at the conference.

10. Connecting with new contacts after network meetings- Use LinkedIn to connect with and strengthen relationships with people you have met at networking meetings.

11. Attracting visitors to your website- You can use your contact list to draw people to your website.

12. Recruitment Tool- LinkedIn’s advanced search can help you find potential candidates or advertise a new position in the jobs section.

LinkedIn can enhance your professional profile, help you network, and get you seen by employers. Don’t miss out on the many advantages that LinkedIn can provide for you and your business.