5 Essential Elements of Great PR Writing

5 essential elements of great pr writing

What Is Great PR Writing?

As readers, we know what great writing looks and sounds like. Whether we’re reading a novel, article or press release, we recognize that writing has the power to move us both emotionally and mentally. As PR professionals we have to translate information into a story that communicates necessary facts and leaves readers wanting to know more.

Public relations writing communicates important information between an organization and its audiences, but that doesn’t mean your writing can’t be entertaining and most importantly, valuable. Here are a few ways to make PR writing compelling.

5 Tips For Writing PR

1. Accuracy – One of the most important traits of great PR writing is accuracy. Having your facts straight and making them easy to understand is vital for clear communication. Accurately communicating facts will help journalists easily understand the value of your story.

2. Planning – Like developing the storyline for the next bestselling novel, PR professionals must have a clear writing plan. Outline important details like goals, your target audience, and the means and media through which the story will be communicated.

3. Writing Structure – The inverted pyramid is a great tool for structuring facts and information, but it’s up to you to create a relatable storyline by arranging facts and ideas in the perfect order.

4. Storytelling – Great PR writing doesn’t just communicate facts, it tells a story. Leading your readers through a storyline will help engage them and humanize the information you’re communicating.

5. Emotion – We’re all human and search for humanity and empathy in what we read. Understanding your target audiences’ needs and what information is valuable to them will help you communicate with them.

Great writing takes time, patience and revisions. The next time you’re writing a blog post, press release or social media post, keep these PR writing elements in mind to help you engage your audience and tell your story.

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