Beat the heat

Beat The Heat To Stay On Time!

In the world of PR, there are endless pressures that end up piling and creating loads of stress if not handled correctly. Time management is one of the major keys to beating the heat or to staying on top of important work. Communications is a field with ambiguous deadlines and with the constant advancement of technology, those deadlines are getting shorter and shorter. When it comes to situations where you are feeling buried, sometimes you just need a little advice just to stay afloat.


4 Tips To Manage Your Public Relations

  1. Prioritize
    This step seems obvious but many professionals have a hard time deciding which piece of work is most important. When there is both a press release and important document on the line, how do we decide which deserves the most attention? The difference is deadlines and deciding which assignment is urgent and which assignment is just important.
  2. Follow Through on Assignments
    When starting an important media plan, don’t decide to switch to something else in the middle. Even if you are stuck on what to do next, stick with the work you’ve already started because in the long run it will save you time to work through the writer’s block. Switching tasks will waste time on refocusing and switching gears.
  3. Visualize
    In the world of sports, athletes visualize the competition before they perform. It is important to take a second to sit back and visualize how you would like an event to play out. If you’re headed to a client event, think about what you want to accomplish when you arrive, run through the steps and the speeches in your head before you arrive to keep your cool under pressure.
  4. Stay Positive
    Another major cliché, but also very true! When you’re feeling overwhelmed, you should think about what you’ve already accomplished to stay on track. Look at all of the work you finished that day or the amazing team of professionals you have working alongside of you. Taking a second out of your day to give yourself a pat on the back boosts self-confidence immensely.

Overall, staying out of the sun this summer is one way to stay cool, but to stay cool in the office, make sure you manage your time! These tips are just a few of the ways PR professionals manage their piles of work and you can too.

Inspiration from MMI PR website