Make Your Communications Strategy Unique

Philadelphia Orchestra

Make Your Own Kind of Music

I had the great privilege of accompanying the CB East High School Orchestra on a field trip to see the Philadelphia Orchestra rehearse for their upcoming performances with world-renowned cellist extraordinaire Yo-Yo Ma.

And while I sat in the audience and listened to their beautiful performances of music by John Williams and Debussy, it made me think about how all aspects of a business or organization’s communications strategy should blend together harmoniously like all the different sections of an orchestra. Each section has it’s own sound and purpose, yet they all come together to create a unified and appealing sound…Music to the ears, as the saying goes.

So when you think about your communications strategy, what are its components? Blogging, email marketing, website, social media, PR? Do they all blend harmoniously together to deliver your messages to your target audience(s)? Or do they exist independent of one another?


A Helpful Tip To Communicate Your Theme

Make a theme for each month and make sure that all of your communications channels reflect that theme. Your messages can be delivered differently on each platform, but the theme is universal so that the platforms work in harmony to share your perspectives, deliver your calls to action and inspire your followers to refer you, follow you, buy from you, etc.

To quote one of my favorite songs, go out and “Make your own kind of music; sing your own special song…” but have a plan and execute it in a way that all components of the plan work together in beautiful harmony.